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Search Engine Optimization - what is it?

Поисковая оптимизация в системах Google и Yandex Search engine optimization - is to promote a site on the first page of search engines. According to statistics, about 78% of traffic to the sites generated by search engines. In Ukraine, the most popular search engines are - about 74% of requests are entered into the system, and - this system is responsible for 20% of requests.


According to this, if your site will be in the TOP 10 of these systems - it's a great value for any business.


What kind of work includes the optimization of the site?

Работы по поисковой оптимизации в системах Google и Yandex

Search Engine Optimization - a process that includes many aspects: the analysis of the site and its competitors, the selection of core semanicheskogo, content optimization and link structure of the site, the organization of exchange of links to other resources on the Internet, the registration site in directories and search engines, raising his index and citation PR.


Thematic Index of Citing (TIC) - this figure can be called "prestige" of your site in terms of search engine Yandex. The higher the score, the higher the position of your site's search results in the derivation of this system.


In this figure the Google called Page Rank. The value of TIC depends on how many sites referenced in your life, and what values ??TIC at these sites (the higher, the more you rise citation index).