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Корпоративный портал, Создание корпоративных порталов

"Corporate Portal" - allows to solve problems of interaction of employees, implementation of internal corporate policies, performance of daily management and administrative functions, interaction with customers and business partners.


Internal Corporate Portal allows you to unload the head of the routine inspections. Eliminates the principle of "broken telephone" transmission of information and guidance from the employee to the employee. Tracking the contribution of the individual employee in the company's success, while mobilizing the team to "brainstorm". Allows you to collaborate on one document, the use of a common database. In this formalized, clearly, in writing, and almost "a painting of" shared responsibilities are given tasks delineated powers, defined levels of access.


Benefits «WEBLINK Enterprise Portal"


The intuitive user interface;

Easy management portal;

Individual access control system;

Full integration with MS Office;

Unlimited possibilities for the development of functional portal;

Units of departments (IT, Hr, Office Management, Accounting, site template Division) - The ability to create an unlimited number of nodes.

Tasks Enterprise Portal


The main problem that most of us confront corporate portal:


Integration of information resources of the company;

Increased intra-corporate communications;

Reducing the time to find the necessary information;

Implementation of services for publishing and sharing information, for the accumulation and knowledge management;

Provision of information exchange in the company.

These problems are easily solved with a solution «WEBLINK Enterprise Portal", which also solves many other problems.


Features corporate portal


Support for business processes;

Integration with corporate email. Function of the notification of changes;

Integration with ActiveDirectory. Automatic linking of tasks to the account of the employee;

Document Libraries. Support for multiple file formats;

History. Storing a complete history of changes and versions of documents;

External site. The ability to create an integrated external site that is easy to maintain;

Support for remote operation. Work from home;

Design. For each project can be created by an individual and attractive design;

The functionality of the portal:

Функции Корпоративного портала

  • structure of the company (creation of departments showing executives of the department);
  • reference persons (contacts with photos of employees and contractors of the company, categorization of organizations);
  • divestiture of each employee (status administrator, manager, employee);
  • publication of news of the company;
  • company documents (Rubritsirovannyy section for storing document templates of the company);
  • daily calendar - every employee is planning its time - the system suggests possible and notify the head;
  • projects - the creation and management of projects, progress of their implementation;
  • voting system;
  • file archive (ordered file server permissions and sectioning);
  • forum;
  • reminder and birthday greetings.

Complete solution for the successful implementation of a corporate portal

WEBLINK Intranet Portal - is a finished product with the following benefits:

  • Feature-rich, ready for use immediately after installation;
  • It is easily scalable solution;
  • Reliable solution. High performance and scalability;
  • The portal is built on a modern platform, Microsoft SharePoint.

Possible functions and scope of the Corporate portal:

Document management system and business processes. Automation of the office, incoming and outgoing correspondence, internal document, monitoring contractual basis.

Personnel management system.

The system of customer relationship management. The history of interaction, database of contacts. Meetings, activities and tasks of the Sales Department.

The system of budgeting (budget management).

The control system of cash flows sredstv.Soglasovanie and approval of payments. Payment calendar. Reporting Plan-Fact.

Built-in mechanisms for corporate portals


Interactive photo gallery. Gallery pictures of significant events in the company, travel, holidays and just everyday office life makes viewing photos easy and simple;

Knowledge Base. With the help of the knowledge base employees in the company will be able to create their own thematic knowledge base.

Forums. Where you can both talk on the topic of work and share experiences and comment on other users' messages allow the company to discuss important topics;

Polls. Allow interviews of staff members to learn the views on important issues for the company;

Widgets. Weather, exchange rates, caps and other staff will always be aware of the information they need;

The search system. Allows you to perform quick and easy search by content, and documents;

Portal Administration. Portal Administration is carried out using standard administration SharePoint, which makes the administration of the portal easy and convenient;

Access Control. Access control system allows you to set different levels available and delegate authority to the division level, folder, document;

Management structure of the portal. With the help of SharePoint, you can easily change the structure of a portal, create new sites, document libraries, lists, etc.


Download the booklet on the Corporate Portal

Enterprise Portal. The Solution: Challenges, advantages, features, functions.

PDF format | 0,5 Mb



Complex sentence: Enterprise Portals Implementation, Configuration and Design of Corporate Portal


We offer a complete solution which includes:



The introduction of a corporate portal;

Services for the installation and configuration;

Work to change the portal to the needs of the customer;

Design in accordance with corporate standards;

Training employees on the corporate portal;

Warranty support during the year;

Follow-up support and maintenance.

The company receives a full range of customer services for the successful implementation of a corporate portal.