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What is a news site?

Информационный сайт Киев, Создание информационного сайта

Information site is a project with a complex and well-developed structure, and is well suited for employment in commerce and presentation of their business on the Internet. Information site on the Internet is designed to be fully functional organization of your company, project or product on the Internet, sharing information with potential clients, to inform the market about the company, new products lineup, promotions and discounts, ensuring full representation of companies in the Internet.


Information site as a resource can be described as "all-in-one." These sites contain a wide variety of useful features and content differ versatility and integration of diverse information. By accessing this site the user gets easy access to all necessary information on the subject.


Information site can be used as an advertising platform, the basis for building online stores, tool interoperability with clients.


Price Information Site


The cost of manufacturing the Information Site of 5000 USD.


Information site created for 15 to 30 working days.


What is included in this price? A detailed description below.


Information site turnkey


Our company offers a full range of services for high-quality manufacturing of the Information Site and its subsequent promotion.


What is included in the creation of Information website:


* domain name registration.;

Hosting for a simple site for a period of one year;

30 pages filled with information (text, photos);

Layout pages, insert text provided by the customer up to 50 ppm;

Card (circuit) way;

Creating a 5-mailboxes in a domain;

Analysis of visits;

Basic search engine optimization.

Support and warranty for one year;

Example of Information website:


The structure of the news site is completely subordinated to one goal - to provide information to visitors.


Information site includes the following sections:






photo galleries;

press releases;


RSS feed.

The structure of an information site is designed so that, on the one hand, to ensure quick access to information of site visitors, and on the other hand - to ensure stable operation with a large "influx" of visitors. Also important is a convenient opportunity to add material to the site.


The functionality of the site specifies the information for each case individually, but you can find them incomplete list:


site map;

subscription and distribution;








bulletin board;




video gallery;



RSS feed;

question / answer;




book reviews.

Design of Information website


Design Information site will be developed based on a template, which proved to be a comfortable and friendly. The template will be inserted into your logo, corporate colors and matched simfolika (in case of supply). It can also be developed a unique design of your site.


In addition to the Information Site


In addition to the news site you can order c 10% discount:


Contextual advertising

Search engine optimization and promotion