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What is a simple website?

Создание простого сайта

Simple site - the most common version of the site on the Internet.


The purpose of a simple site - fully represent the company in the Internet to sell services and products company, to report contacts and company details, information support to partners of employees.


Who needs a simple site - primarily companies that want to fully present your company on the Internet. A professionally designed website and its promotion and advertising can provide a significant flow of customers.


Cost of a Website


The cost of making a simple site is 3000 USD.


Create a simple site for 10 days.


What is included in this price? A detailed description below.


Simple turnkey website


Our company offers a full range of services for high-quality manufacturing Simple site and its subsequent promotion


What goes into making a simple site:


* domain name registration.;

Hosting for a simple site for a period of one year;

10 pages filled with information (text, photos);

Layout pages, insert text provided by the customer up to 20 ppm;

Card (circuit) way;

Creating 3-mailboxes in a domain;

hit counter;

Basic search engine optimization.

Support and warranty for one year;

Example of a simple site:



About the company


The service is a

Service 2

N Service

Cost of services


Product 1

Product 2

Item n

Cost of goods (price)






Design a simple site


Design a simple site will be developed based on the template, which proved to be a comfortable and friendly. The template will be inserted into your logo, corporate colors and matched simfolika (in case of supply). It can also be developed a unique design of your site.


In addition to a simple site


In addition to the simple site you can order c 10% discount:


Contextual advertising

Search engine optimization and promotion