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What is the site card

Создание сайта визитки

Business Card Website - the easiest way to promote your business on the Internet.

The purpose of the site cards - present company services and products company, to report contacts and details of the company.

Who needs site card - First of all the companies who are just mastering the Internet to promote and do not have a big budget. Many companies underestimate the sites business cards and the possibility of such a site to promote the company's services. A professionally designed website and its promotion and advertising can provide a significant flow of customers.


Site card - ideal for those who want to open a branch of his organization on the Internet.


Site created business cards


We suggest you create a professional business card site


Professional Website business card - a small informational site, which has convenient and easy to navigate. It will enable your customers to obtain general information about the company, which includes information about services, products, partners, and your contact information.


Manufacturing sites of business cards


The advantages of making the site cards: low costs of creating and maintaining a resource, the project deadlines.


Once you have completed the construction site and offered it to their prospective clients, you can see - what is its efficiency, the percentage of visitors interested in your products, that they attracted more that repelled. When a resource is small, these figures are very easy to keep track of their own. Data analysis of the site, you can get any frequency, will help decide what needs to change in the supply of material to increase sales.




The cost of manufacturing site cards is 1000 USD.


Site created cut-away for 5 working days.


What is included in this price? A detailed description below.


Turnkey Website


Our company offers a full range of services for high-quality manufacturing site and its subsequent promotion


What is included in the creation of business cards Website:


* domain name registration.;

Website Hosting for business cards for 1 year;

5 pages filled with information (text, photos);

Layout pages, insert text provided by the customer up to 20 ppm;

Card (circuit) way;

Creating 3-mailboxes in a domain;

hit counter;

Basic search engine optimization.

Support and warranty for one year;

Example of Site cards:



About the company


The service is a

Service 2

N Service

Cost of services


Product 1

Product 2

Item n

Cost of goods (price)






Web site design


Web site design will be developed based on a template, which proved to be a comfortable and friendly. The template will be inserted into your logo, corporate colors and matched simfolika (in case of supply). It can also be developed a unique design of your site.


In addition to the Site


In addition to the site you can order c 10% discount:


Contextual advertising

Search engine optimization and promotion